It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!
— Calvin

The night of the Burn, photographed here as a double-exposure to be able to capture the sky behind it. You can see all the wood gathered already inside the perimeter, minutes before the burn officially begins.


An intense storm cloud hovers in the skies for a few hours after massive winds sweep through Black Rock City, a day before gates officially open to the public.


One of the many stunning sunsets on the Playa, several days before the event officially opens to the public. The Temple crew already working around the clock to make sure everything ran on time and smoothly.


Burners admire on the many pieces of artwork on the Playa, this one by Michael Christian called "Brainchild".


Temple crew members take a break from the heated Sun, right before heading back to work again.


Almost three weeks before the event opens to the public, already a few hundred volunteers and staff are already hard at work building and preparing the desert to accommodate more than 70,000 people soon after.


One of most impressive storms on record at Burning Man hit the Playa 24 hours ahead of its opening to the public. A camp nearby was struck by a flying geodome, a huge metal structure that took off during the 70 mph winds.


There were a lot of peering storms surrounding the Playa this year. The clouds and the endless desert floor are never-ending sources of inspiration.


One of the most underrated jobs during the build of the Temple of Promise is keeping track of all the insane amount of tools needed at the construction site. Lauren Novotny worked tirelessly to make sure things were always properly secured, stored, and safe.


Jan Yoder, aka. Spyreman, is seen here working on the top piece of the Temple, with the rest of the structure disappearing through the dust in the background.


Work never ends at the Temple construction site, even during dust storms. You can see the copper sheets starting to cover one of the Temple pieces to the left.


Temple crew members give their heart and soul to the project. Michelle Strecker and Klaudia Kenny breathing through dust masks to make sure they can keep working through all kinds of adverse weather conditions.


Jazz Tigan, designer of the Temple of Promise, contemplates the construction sight to stunning cloud formations, the rising Moon, and Violent Femmes playing through the DJ booth.


Mango, on her bike, while crew members from the Medusa art piece transport the head.


The first time the neon lights come on for the Man were during this unforgettable sunset, days before the event opened to the Public.


Flood lights illuminate everything so that night crew members can keep working. At this point, 24/7 crews work tirelessly to make sure construction runs as smoothly as possible.


Typical dust storm on the Playa quietly approaching a car close to the Temple of Promise construction site.


Making sure the arch pieces are secure and ready to be assembled.


Water, goggles, masks, and working gloves. A typical outfit during build week.


Top spyre of the Temple of Promise being covered in copper sheets with the help of a massive crane.


The uber-talented Jaz working on an art piece for the Temple of Promise.


The first Tree lands on the grove inside the Temple of Promise, with an amazing crew of crane operators. Jazz Tigan (center left, white helmet), gives directions on proper placement.


Massive storm at 7am on Saturday pre-event starts destroying a lot of camp sites around the Playa. The amount of dust in the air, is hard to process thanks to modern high-res photographic cameras.


Drew Smith, member of the Temple Crew camp, celebrates life as we finish securing camp structures during a massive wind storm.


What dreams may come... A typical bike ride in the Black Rock City desert can lead to many adventures, connections, and instrospective meditations about life, love, and meaning. Even if you're just staring at the moving canvas ahead of you.


Yobi relaxes and contemplates the past few days in the desert, as the Temple Crew prepares the grounds to be offered to the Temple Guardians and the public.


Temple Crew does their formal gathering and celebration inside the Grove of Trees at the Temple of Promise, an hour or two before the Temple is officially open to the citizens of Black Rock City.


A Dragon that appears in and out of the dust clouds, elevates its greatness to new heights.


Jaz working on her piece at the Temple of Promise construction site.


Members of FAFA camp do a final cleanup of the site before leaving the Playa at the end of the event.