What day is it?”, asked Winnie the Pooh
”It’s today,” squeaked Piglet
”My favorite day,” said Pooh

[all photos and video by Afonso Salcedo]

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A burner happily relaxing in one of the many comfortable couches at FAFA.

Bikes, lights, sculptures, and art cars. Just another night in the middle of the Playa.

Our great neighbors in our street on their last pose before leaving the Playa.

A time of contemplation during another epic sunset on the Playa, as people gather on top of their trucks, RVs, and structures to share this passing moment together.

A typical scene from the nightly gathering at FAFA camp. Great tunes by @sunnytmoney (http://sunnytmoney.com), good food, and even better conversations.

Sometimes the greatest moments are the random little conversations you have with perfect strangers. People who come and go, so transient and so quick, crossing paths with you randomly.

A lone biker waits patiently for a moving dust storm cloud to pass through.

Her first time at Burning Man. I asked her to think of her best memory on the Playa, as I clicked the shutter.

A lot of times the best random moments come from within the city itself. It's always worth getting lost wandering around the streets.

A group of participants from the FAFA camp fly out their custom-built LED pyramid drone in the middle of the Playa.

Hanging out at FAFA camp, on one of the many comfortable couches provided a great place for conversations and relaxation.

A series of dust devils takes place and moves around the Playa during pre-event construction of the Man.

Embrace, an art installation by The Pier Group from Reno, during pre-event week at sunset.

FAFA members working tirelessly during sunset to finish building their theme camp.

One of the members of day party favorite Pink Mammoth camp, photographed as she bikes across the Playa.

The 2014 Zoetrope installation by Pete Hudson can be seen here being built post-storm several days before Burning Man opens the gates to the public.

The fabulous bathrooms of Black Rock City.

Two cyclists venture out straight into a white out in the middle of the Deep Playa.

One of the many incredible sunsets at Burning Man.

The Temple during pre-event week, being built by hundreds of volunteers.

After a massive storm on Monday morning that blocked the city gates for 28 hours, FAFA campers empty out shade structure water that threatens to collapse with the enormous amounts of water that poured from the skies that day.

Crew members from Burning Man drive in the desert towards the Man structure.

My very own tents set up during pre-event week. The night skies at Burning Man are some of the clearest you can imagine.

The Moon as seen during one of the several stunning sunsets on the Playa.