[Sutro Studios] worked with us on Keyboardio’s Kickstarter video. We came to them with a rough idea of what we wanted and they helped us refine it into a fantastic 3 minute video that had a huge positive impact on our Kickstarter campaign, which went on to raise $650,000.

In addition to helping us refine our rough idea into a clear, cohesive story, Afonso did the vast majority of the filming for the project and all of the post-production editing.

We know we may not have been the easiest client, but Afonso was a pleasure to work with, from the first meeting through the final cut.
— Jesse Vincent, Co-Founder/CTO, Keyboardio
I can’t say enough about Afonso and Sutro Studios and the product they deliver. But I will say this....he’s a true artist. One that won’t compromise or take the easy road if that means the final product is going to be anything less than pristine. And for that reason alone, is why I’ve recommended Sutro Studios to friends at SalesForce, Uber, Yelp, and other firms in the Bay Area where colleagues have asked for a recommendation.
— Philip Hall, Director of Marketing, Borrego Solar
Sutro Studios gave the spirit of our small NGO in Haiti, Rise2shine, a face. They beautifully captured our essence, our beliefs, our struggles, and our vision in a clean, unique, and powerful way. The short film(s) created not only communicated our identity to the public, but was also an integral piece of helping us get funding for the construction of our new 52 child early learning center.

Sutro Studios were extremely timely with all their deliverables, and communication was virtually instant; we were always comfortable with the entire film making process.

We were told that Sutro Studio’s founder, Afonso Salcedo, puts his heart and soul behind each of the projects he chooses to work with, and I was privileged to witness this first hand. He personally helped Rise2shine raise funds via various methods outside of the film and even wrote an article about our work which helped our charity to gain more publicity.

I couldn’t recommend Sutro Studios enough and consider them a friend for life.
— Jit Vaitha - CEO, Rise2Shine.org
Afonso is the ultimate professional and such a pleasure to work with. He traveled to Haiti and made 4 great videos and countless photographs for our non-profit, rise2shine.org
— Orgesi Pandeli - Rise2Shine.org
Before we even began, Afonso challenged my assumptions for our video project, then carefully worked with me to reshape my expectations for it. That thinking provided the bedrock for a concise, emotionally compelling, and honest video with Rickshaw Bagworks that became the exemplar for all other productions that came after it.
— Jeremy Britton - Director of Design Strategy at Zazzle
I highly recommend Afonso Salcedo, without reservation. As a musician, it’s crucial that I have professional, great-looking photos and Afonso delivered 100%. It’s not always easy to pretend to be a model and look fashionable for a photoshoot, but Afonso was so easygoing that I felt comfortable the entire time. He had incredible ideas and suggestions that resulted in glamorous, classy photos. My colleagues have commented several times to me, “I love your photos! You look gorgeous!” It’s all because of Afonso! Moreover, he responded to emails and messages in a very timely manner. Afonso’s fees are very reasonable, especially when you consider the high quality of the product. I will definitely recommend him to friends and colleagues.
— Carmen Lemoine, Musician, Flutist
In addition to having such refined artistic sensibilities, he’s a clear communicator with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Afonso for any position, as he will make a great success of anything he undertakes.
— Janelle Schneider, Surface Artist, DreamWorks Animation
Afonso approaches work and people with integrity. His ability to see complexity and what might steer it toward simplicity is a unique talent.
— Geri Smith, Sr. Lighting Artist, Blue Sky Animation
Afonso is a fun and enthusiastic person to work with and to learn from and I hope more students/interns have the opportunity to work under his guidance
— Shreyasi Das, Lighting TA, Blue Sky Studios
Afonso was a crucial foundation to us raising $449,654 on Kickstarter. We hired him to create our video, and had little more than an example video, and some notes on what we wanted shot. After six hours of shooting, and a week of processing, he returned a video that absolutely blew us away. His creative direction, attention to detail and awesome personality were incredible. Would absolutely hire him for anything.
— Stephen Powell, Co-Founder, GUSTIN
(…) pitch perfect ability to get “the light effect” to radiate within your work. We at Oct28 Productions are very excited to have your artistic eye and talented contributions as part of our team.
— Scott Mason, Owner/Producer, Oct28 Productions
He has a clear mindset and knows where to go with it. Anyone would be lucky to have the chance to work with him.
— Lindsay Siegel, Owner at Stoke Interactive
He handles deadlines in stride, and his presence on a team is always de-stressing. His positive and airy nature make him a true breath of a fresh air.
— Susan Fong, Rendering and Global Illumination Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios
Afonso gave advice pertaining to lighting and composting that was crucial to the success of my thesis project. I am fortunate to have worked with such a gifted artist and teacher.
— Shaun Rifle, Academy of Art Student
I hired Afonso Salcedo in December 2012 to work with us on a few video and photography projects. Throughout the entire engagement Afonso was professional, punctual, and committed to not just meeting our expectations, but exceeding them ten times over. I was especially impressed by his background and past work experience, which includes projects that have taken him around the world and several years with top film studios. As such, Afonso is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to broader industry trends, equipment & gear, and the mechanics of good photography and film. It is rare to find someone so capable and so passionate about what they do. We are very pleased with Afonso’s work, and look forward to working with him again.
— Molly Palm, Digital Media Manager, MetricStream.
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Afonso on several movies in the past. He has strong work ethics; he’s professional, dependable, dedicated, creative, funny and a true pleasure to work with. Afonso always understood production demands and gave 200% to the job. His production skills, a perfect blend of technical and artistic expertise, are strong and reliable and his final work is high quality and fuss free.
— J.C. Kalache, Director of Photography, Pixar Animation Studios
I have worked with Afonso for 6 years at Pixar and I had never met someone so talented and who has such a wonderful personality to work with. Afonso has an incredible eye for detail and composition, and is in his own right a perfectionist. This guy brightens up a room with his presence.
— Ken Sullivan, Freelance Technical Director