We recently completed a headshot studio session for Charlotte Welch, one of the head fashion designers of House of Borel.

Using our Profoto B1 lights, connected wirelessly to the ever-amazing Sony A7Rii, we were able to capture the essence and true personality of Charlotte Welch, using some of the techniques and process we learned from Norman Seef, one of the top photographers in the world for the work he's done with some of the most talented artists of recent memory.

We love studio shoots like this, where we get to learn what drives people like Charlotte in doing what they do. Talking about life, career, inspiration, art, whatever it is that flows in our conversation, we allow everyone at the studio to be completely comfortable in front of the camera, and thus, capturing the real beauty of who they are.

Thank you Charlotte for an amazing time at our studio!

Some of our favorite photos with Charlotte Welch, head designer of House of Borel.