Nuke and Resolve

We've been working non-stop over the past couple of weeks in some new videos that we cannot wait to share more details on. Depending heavily on Nuke for compositing, and Resolve for color grading, these have been incredibly challenging to complete, but it's some of the most fun we've had.

The power and flexibility of compositing in Nuke using its 3D environment, mixed with the color grading power of DaVinci Resolve is nothing short of outstanding. And this being officially the first big project we complete in our new office space in Oakland, makes it all even more exciting.

Since we can't yet share details of what this is is, here's a little tease that shows a before and after of a single frame. We were given the green screen plate you see on top, and we created what you see in the bottom frame.

Need some green screen keying? Compositing? Grading? Need to learn any of these things? Let us know. We're soon starting small private lessons and workshops in our office space to teach some of these things. Send us a message in our contact page for more information.