Sonic Runway

Our latest crowdfunding project is now official. Even though we haven't launched yet, we are creating the crowdfunding campaign for a Burning Man art project that promises to blow away all people's expectations.

Check out the following painting done by Rob Jensen, from Pixar Animation Studios, and creator and lead designer for Sonic Runway.

Sonic Runway - LED sound/light sculpture for Burning Man 2016. Painting by Rob Jensen.

The Sonic Runway visualizes the speed of sound with light.

32 arches of colored lights form a 1,000 ft long corridor, all driven by a sound system. As sound waves race across the desert, they trigger patterns of light that ripple down the corridor. Wherever you stand, the lights and sound are in sync!

The Sonic Runway is a companion art experience for Sound Art Cars, which are invited to drive up and plug in, creating a unique blend of sound and light, amplifying the energy of the dance floor.

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