The Crew

Typically every year we join a Burning Man project, or two, to help build an art piece, a structure, an experience. Art for art's sake. All volunteer work, purely for the process of building a community, creating a journey and an experience that thousands of people will be able to take part of in the Black Rock City desert.

This year, we're actively working with both Sonic Runway and Catacomb of Veils.

As part of the build crew for both, we've been taking tons of photos and creating film content to tell the stories of the crews, the build, and why we all get together to do something as temporal as this – something that will literally only last one week.

We've been sharing a lot of this work already on this website, but this time around we want to share a more personal story. We edited this wonderful piece together, and we couldn't be prouder of the results. The images were shot by two great crew members from LA, Samuel Steinman and Matthew Goldstein. The film was edited by Afonso Salcedo.

We're starting a series of videos that tells a more personal story of why we get involved in large-scale art projects like this. This is our first one. Let us know what you think.