iPhone 7 Plus

We're always looking at new and exciting ways of telling stories. And we're currently pretty blown away by the cinematic images we've been getting out of just using an iPhone 7 Plus camera while we're out and about.

It's easy to forget how crazy we all get through the rat race of using the latest and greatest cinema gear, especially when it comes to high-end cameras, but sometimes it's pretty magical to just restrain yourself from all those expectations and remember to tell stories and capture singular moments with just the simples of devices.

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is truly outstanding. With the higher aperture in the wide-angle lens, you can capture some great sharp images, with a nice cinematic quality to it. And if you shoot RAW you now have a ton more flexibility to what you can obtain out of those images. As that wasn't enough, playing around with the zoom lens adds even more creative outputs, and all of a sudden it's fun again to use the phone as a capture device.

We'll be doing many more tests in the coming weeks, also with the video aspect of it, so stay tuned.