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Remember when we were in Barstow filming a month ago or so? We just delivered the first rough cut for review with our clients at Borrego Solar, to have a look at some of the amazing footage we shot in the desert documenting the Barstow Community College efforts into renewable energy.

Amazing group of people, and we couldn't be prouder already of how strong the first rough cut already is. And as a little teaser, just look at this incredible sunset over the solar array installation!


An aerial view of the campus and the sunset reflecting on the solar array. Filmed and capture by our Inspire 1 drone.

We just completed a successful film shoot in Barstow, CA for our regular clients Borrego Solar, documenting their recently installed solar array at the Barstow Community College.

Amazing effort by the local communities, and a super fun shoot getting to know the people behind a renewable energy movement at the College.

Levi Pike, our AC, helping setup one of the interviewees.

Interviewing the BCC President, with our FS7 setup.

Video is now entering the post-production phase, and should be ready and uploaded by the end of the month. Stay tuned for many more details.