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Sonic Runway

Last year we were involved with one incredible art installation project for Burning Man, the Sonic Runway.

Recently, its official website was just launched and the Sonic Runway traveled to China where it will be on display as a three-month public installation. We edited this video from footage taken by Burning Man participants, for the official website of Sonic Runway!

Check it out! We couldn't be more excited about seeing the Sonic Runway grow so much.

We Are The Sun

We started filming and documenting big art efforts last year at Burning Man, and this year we had the pleasure of being part of the incredible build crew for Catacomb of Veils, one of the largest art structures ever built on the Playa.

It was a tremendous experience, that will stay with us forever, and created a new family network of insanely talented artists and friends. We are now happy to share this video we recently completed that shows the crazy amount of effort it takes to bring a project like this to reality.

Hope you enjoy! We are always looking for other amazing projects to help out with at Burning Man, so feel free to reach out to us at any point if you have something brewing in the pipeline.


Our latest video is a quick introspective showcase of the emptiness of the desert during survey for Catacomb of Veils at Burning Man.

With the use of our Inspire 1 quadcopter, we were able to capture some simple vignettes of the arid landscape during the very start of what will soon become a city of 70,000 people.

The Crew

Typically every year we join a Burning Man project, or two, to help build an art piece, a structure, an experience. Art for art's sake. All volunteer work, purely for the process of building a community, creating a journey and an experience that thousands of people will be able to take part of in the Black Rock City desert.

This year, we're actively working with both Sonic Runway and Catacomb of Veils.

As part of the build crew for both, we've been taking tons of photos and creating film content to tell the stories of the crews, the build, and why we all get together to do something as temporal as this – something that will literally only last one week.

We've been sharing a lot of this work already on this website, but this time around we want to share a more personal story. We edited this wonderful piece together, and we couldn't be prouder of the results. The images were shot by two great crew members from LA, Samuel Steinman and Matthew Goldstein. The film was edited by Afonso Salcedo.

We're starting a series of videos that tells a more personal story of why we get involved in large-scale art projects like this. This is our first one. Let us know what you think.


We've done some insanely huge crowdfunding campaigns before, but now we are working on our first IndieGoGo campaign for a Burning Man arts project.

We filmed the main interview and some b-roll yesterday at the build site for Sonic Runway, and it went really well. Everything was filmed with our arsenal of A7Rii to minimize on gear, recorded directly to an Atomos Shogun. We used some LitePanels Astra lights, and shot everything in 4K to allow to some flexibility in post.

Check out a first frame grab from the shoot, and lots more will be coming soon.

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Rob Jensen, creator and designer for Sonic Runway.

Sonic Runway

Our latest crowdfunding project is now official. Even though we haven't launched yet, we are creating the crowdfunding campaign for a Burning Man art project that promises to blow away all people's expectations.

Check out the following painting done by Rob Jensen, from Pixar Animation Studios, and creator and lead designer for Sonic Runway.

Sonic Runway - LED sound/light sculpture for Burning Man 2016. Painting by Rob Jensen.

The Sonic Runway visualizes the speed of sound with light.

32 arches of colored lights form a 1,000 ft long corridor, all driven by a sound system. As sound waves race across the desert, they trigger patterns of light that ripple down the corridor. Wherever you stand, the lights and sound are in sync!

The Sonic Runway is a companion art experience for Sound Art Cars, which are invited to drive up and plug in, creating a unique blend of sound and light, amplifying the energy of the dance floor.

Like our Facebook page at and register your interest for our crowdfunding campaign at

Sony Loves Us!

We are very excited to share an article Sony Pro USA recently published on their industry blog about one of our currently on-going documentary projects following Burning Man, the Temple, and much more.

Take a look at the article below, and tell us what you think!

Burning Man 2015. Photograph by Afonso Salcedo.