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Visao, the weekly news magazine in Portugal (similar to NewsWeek in the US), just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special edition released today March 21st, with several articles on successful Portuguese people around the world. There's an insane amount of talent coming from Portugal as you can see through the pages of the magazine. We were fortunate enough to get a blurb in it, about some of the projects we are currently planning that hopefully will include Portugal in some way or another, and Afonso Salcedo being considered one of the top high-tech cinema gurus.

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IST Talk

The talk Afonso Salcedo of Sutro Studios gave at IST in Lisbon, Portugal, on February 25th is now online. You can watch the full-length talk which runs at around 1 hour or so. Please note that the slides are not filmed due to copyright issues and property ownership by Disney/Pixar. They own the material, not us, so they weren't allowed to be filmed.

Let us know what you think, but you can see the video here:


We made a national TV appearance in Portugal, during our recent trip there and Afonso Salcedo's talk at IST. The interview is in Portuguese and just recently aired on TVI, one of the main broadcasters there. Check it out and you'll see a brief appearance of our website and our quest for ideas for producing a feature film in Portugal, or about Portugal. Let's make it happen!


The talk Afonso Salcedo gave at IST went tremendously well. Over 400 students came to the talk and we've received dozens of emails thanking us for the inspiring one hour sharing of ideas, experience and tips on film and cinematography. Couldn't be more excited and thankful to have met such wonderful people and meet some of the talented computer scientists and artists of the new generation. And on a more personal note, we hope we get to work with some of them sooner or later. Portugal is full of incredible talent. Here's a photo of the audience courtesy of Miguel Araujo Photography.


Imperial College

A few months ago Imperial College (London, UK) interviewed Afonso Salcedo about his life, career and goals. Afonso graduated from a Msc in Computing back in 2001/2002, while he was still living in London.  

You can see an excerpt from the interview here, or read the full text following this link.



Roads. Frames. Dots.

"Roads. Frames. Dots. A talk in three acts."

From all the different roads travelled, the obstacles we face, the traffic jams you get into and even the accidents you deal with, all come to define your career, your success, the way you view things and the way you learn. Part of being a visual artist, of working with frames, images, still or in motion, is precisely what you have learned in life, what you observe, what you see and of course, the story you want to tell to other people. We’ll talk about what makes an image work, what tells a story, what guides the eye. Where’s the emotion, the feeling and how do you translate that into an image, into color, into light. From these first two parts of the talk, we conclude by mentioning how despite all the linearity of time itself, as you grow older, you should really make an effort to step aside and look at the dots instead. Because life becomes way more fun when you learn to see it as a cloud of dots, in a non-linear way.