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We recently partnered up with our friends at Oct28 Productions to create another micro-documentary look at a new solar array installation at the Pacific Ethanol plant in Madera, CA.

Borrego Solar reached out to us to create another one of our engaging stories, and as usual we couldn’t have been more excited to jump immediately on this. With stunning production work by Scott Mason and his team, all the footage was promptly sent to Sutro where Afonso Salcedo took the helm editing and color grading the video.

Check out the video below, and learn more about why renewable energy resources are more important than ever.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially the team at Borrego Solar who we love working with in our already multi-year creative partnership.

Sonic Runway

Last year we were involved with one incredible art installation project for Burning Man, the Sonic Runway.

Recently, its official website was just launched and the Sonic Runway traveled to China where it will be on display as a three-month public installation. We edited this video from footage taken by Burning Man participants, for the official website of Sonic Runway!

Check it out! We couldn't be more excited about seeing the Sonic Runway grow so much.


So proud to share with you all this micro-documentary we edited and color graded for our friends at Mr. Smith production company, and JFK University.

It was a tremendous amount of work, but we couldn't be more excited for another touching and successful creative collaboration with these guys. Thank you to David Valentin and Daniel Corona for always believing in Sutro.


We're about to wrap up this week a new story vignette with Mr. Smith. The amazing team of David Valentin and Daniel Corona did all the shoots, but we finished the editing and color grading for the whole piece at Sutro.

Love working with those guys, and coming from Mr. Smith we always know we're getting cinematic looking shots to play with, which is incredibly satisfying in post-production.

The original scoring for the video has been approved, and we'll be wrapping up the whole project this week, and we can't wait to share some more with you.

Until then, hope you enjoy these frame grabs from the video for a sneak peek...

On Faces

With our media pass this year at Burning Man, we wanted to photograph and film as much as possible. As it turns out, filming didn't happen at all, since we were so inspired by just the thought of carrying around the Sony A7R to take high-res photos of cinematic memories on the Playa.

We are currently still working on hundreds of photos we took at the event (pre-event as well), but one of the things we did was take a series of portraits of our campmates at Burning Man. Our theme camp this year was called FAFA (Fucking Awesome French Americans), and it quickly became a family of friends.

True genuine souls, there for each other, representing everything that Burning Man signifies. After nine years of attending this week-long life experience, I couldn't be happier to have been welcomed so warmly to this tribe, and as a result these portraits are just a small testament of their incredible generosity and humanity.

I would randomly ask people throughout the week to think, visualize, and relive their favorite moment so far at Burning Man. And as they took a deep breath, they would open their eyes and look straight at the camera. I would only take one single photograph. That would be it.

I feel these portraits were so successful in capturing that emotion, and it's already giving me many ideas of what to do next year to take it a step further and venture into video portraits instead.


Haiti. Episode 2.

We are proud to announce the latest episode of our Haiti web series is now online. It chronicles the ongoing efforts of Rise2Shine in saving children's lives in one of the poorest countries of the world. 

Play the video below, or check out the full project on Haiti, an on-going exhibition page with photography and video on our website here.