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Borel Fashion

We are very lucky to meet some oustanding creative talent over the past three years, since we started providing our video and photo services. One of our most recent ventures veered towards more creative fashion videos and photography, with the amazing people behind the San Francisco based House of Borel.

They approached us at the end of 2015 to start working on their new video for the website relaunch. With an amazing team of other creatives, styling by Charlotte Welch, creative direction by Natalie Crane, hair and makeup by the oustanding David Reposar, and original music scoring by Tommy Sunderland.

Check the video out through our YouTube channel, or visit the website to see it in its natural habitat. For more information on the music, please visit

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High Fashion at St. Regis

Jenn Knight. Bay Area tech superstar.

We just completed a two day intensive video shoot at the St. Regis in San Francisco, for House of Borel. With an amazing creative team to complete the look needed for these shots, and three amazing women who are superstars in their respective fields, these two past days have been some of the most inspiring hours we have spent on set.

We have tons of post-production ahead of us in the next couple of weeks, and we couldn't be more excited to dive head first into this project.

Melissa San Vicente. UX Designer and Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger.


House of Borel: Charlotte Welch, Natalie Crane, Adam Simonoff, Claire Borel.
Hair and Makeup: David Reposar, Lonnie Rivers


Camera: FS7, A7Rii
Lenses: Sony/Zeiss FE 90mm/2.8, Sony/Zeiss FE 35mm/1.4, Sony/Zeiss FE PZ 28-135mm/4.0
Other: DJI Ronin-M, Linepanels ASTRA

Isis Hockenos. Painter.


Another recent headshot session was completed successfully, with some stunning photographs from fashion designer Natalie Crane of House of Borel fame. We had an incredible fun session at our studio in Oakland, using some Profoto lights and our beast of a camera A7Rii, which captures so much detail that we're still awestruck by what we're getting.

Natalie does amazing work for House of Borel, and we couldn't be more excited to have shared this moment with her.


One of our favorite things is the pre-production stage where we go to all these potential locations to do some photo/film tests, play with angles, with colors, and test some ideas for upcoming shoots.

It's the blank canvas before you start your first brushstroke.

We recently spent a few hours at the St. Regis in San Francisco, to test some ideas out for a potential upcoming fashion film shoot in December.


We recently completed a headshot studio session for Charlotte Welch, one of the head fashion designers of House of Borel.

Using our Profoto B1 lights, connected wirelessly to the ever-amazing Sony A7Rii, we were able to capture the essence and true personality of Charlotte Welch, using some of the techniques and process we learned from Norman Seef, one of the top photographers in the world for the work he's done with some of the most talented artists of recent memory.

We love studio shoots like this, where we get to learn what drives people like Charlotte in doing what they do. Talking about life, career, inspiration, art, whatever it is that flows in our conversation, we allow everyone at the studio to be completely comfortable in front of the camera, and thus, capturing the real beauty of who they are.

Thank you Charlotte for an amazing time at our studio!

Some of our favorite photos with Charlotte Welch, head designer of House of Borel.


We had another great headshot sessions with the insanely talented designers behind House of Borel, one of our regular clients.

We spend a couple of hours at our studio space in Oakland, doing some fun sessions based on what we learned from Norman Seef, a while back. It was pretty amazing, and we definitely captured some stunning images that we can't wait to share.

Best of all, our clients are extremely happy with the results already. Here's a quick low-res preview of one of the images we really liked... edited on an iOS device for quick previews with the client.

Natalie Crane (left) and Charlotte Welch (right) are the designers for House of Borel.

Natalie Crane (left) and Charlotte Welch (right) are the designers for House of Borel.

House of Borel

We recently had a great collaboration with House of Borel, a San Francisco based fashion design brand.

We learned a lot working on that shoot, with three models, lots of lights, and a pretty challenging (but creatively exciting) location, the Midway Gallery in the Dogpatch district.

The ad was printed this last month of September. A big thank you to everyone at House of Borel for choosing us to organize this shoot, and we look forward to hopefully many more creative challenges in the future.