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Our latest video is a quick introspective showcase of the emptiness of the desert during survey for Catacomb of Veils at Burning Man.

With the use of our Inspire 1 quadcopter, we were able to capture some simple vignettes of the arid landscape during the very start of what will soon become a city of 70,000 people.

Inspired Aerials

We love aerial cinematography, and since we acquired our first quadcopter a year ago, we've used it in many projects to provide outstanding quality production values to real estate companies, solar energy projects, documentary footage, and much more. It's been an incredible investment to ride the wave of aerial cinematography and the technology is evolving extremely fast.

And it is with extreme excitement that we announce we recently acquired a new addition to our production gear, the brand new DJI Inspire 1, a professional grade quadcopter that shoots stunning 4K imagery and photos. We just received it today, so the batteries are charging, and we'll be doing the first few test shoots this weekend in Lake Tahoe.

Have you been looking for the best aerial cinematography out there? Look no further. Send us a message and we'll be quickly in touch to provide you the best quality images you've seen.

Stay tuned for some more details soon.