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One our favorite things to have our office as part of a co-working community of artists and doers in Oakland, CA, is the incredible opportunities for collaboration outside of our own bubble.

Recently, we were lucky to partner with the talented team of Mr. Smith, to work together on creating a small fundraiser video for a non-profit started by a very inspiring young woman, who is doing a toy drive to help other children this holiday season.

Check it out!

Color Leap

Another great partnership with the talented creatives at I Am Mr. Smith, a local Bay Area production company, and we at Sutro are doing all their color grading for upcoming video projects.

Continuing on the successful collaboration for the JFK Graduation video earlier this year, we have now completed another color timing session for a video about the LEAP initiative. We'll refrain from going into specifics about the story yet, but since we're so passionate about creating cinematic images in everything we do, we wanted to show you a quick before and after straight from our grading software.

We're still doing some final tweaks to the grading, but it just goes to show how subtle differences in color and lighting can help tell the story in a much more engaging and powerful way.

If you have any questions about our color timing services, please shoot us a message.