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Nature Shoot

Two of our favorite things are photographing people, and photographing nature. When we find opportunities to combine the two, we couldn't help but fall in love all over again with being inspired by the beautiful landscapes around us, that can easily be used to bring out the best in people.

We recently visited the Redwoods Regional Park in the Oakland hills, in California, and we were able to produce some pretty amazing portraits for one of our good friends.

Take a look, and send us a message if you are interested in getting portraits or headshots taken.


As part of our Florida visit to shoot some new interviews for the documentary "Laura", we stopped in Venice for a couple of days. This was the view at the beach while the sun was setting... beautiful. How can you not like filming in places like this? Enjoy our other photos in our nature gallery and of course, everything on that gallery is available to buy in high quality prints or frames by just clicking the button on the photo itself. And don't worry, there are no watermarks on the final photo itself.