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Framed Photos

We recently partnered again with our friends at Redbone Media, to have a couple of our photos framed and sold to a client in the other side of the country.

Check out the final look here! Incredible job by the framers, and we couldn't be happier to see some of our photos hanging on people's homes.

Be sure to check out our multiple photography pages, and portfolio, and online store for many more.

Happy Wednesday!

New Portfolio Section

We've been hard at work at re-organizing and categorizing our photos over the past recent years, and we're happy to share that we just created a new portfolio section with just our favorites.

It's always hard to pick our own personal favorites, and so the standard disclaimer is that if you look again at this page in a few weeks it might be slightly different. We'll keep this page as simple as possible, with as few images as possible. It's quality over quantity. And of course all the other galleries are still accessible if you want to look at other stuff we've been photographing.

Until then, head out to our portfolio page and let us know what you think! And remember, we're just an email away if you want photos taken.


The good news keep on coming. As of today, the GUSTIN Kickstarter campaign we helped create with our video and photo work, has already passed $185,000, surpassing by huge amounts their original goal of $20,000. Not only that, but some of our photos appeared in some major articles in some of the biggest blogs online: Uncrate, Werd and InsideHook. Check them out and congratulations to GUSTIN on their continued success!