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Studio Portrait

We're testing out new lighting setups constantly for creative portrait shooting at our studio. We recently took this photo of Afonso Salcedo, our founder, to be used in media articles and recent interviews with the press.

Taken with the A7Rii tethered to our laptop in real-time, and three LED LitePanels with color gels.

The LitePanels are insanely flexible lights for photography as well, providing easy to use color balance and intensity, and portability. We couldn't be more excited to use more of these type of setups in future shoots.

If you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or use the form on our website.

Nature Shoot

Two of our favorite things are photographing people, and photographing nature. When we find opportunities to combine the two, we couldn't help but fall in love all over again with being inspired by the beautiful landscapes around us, that can easily be used to bring out the best in people.

We recently visited the Redwoods Regional Park in the Oakland hills, in California, and we were able to produce some pretty amazing portraits for one of our good friends.

Take a look, and send us a message if you are interested in getting portraits or headshots taken.

On Yoga

We just completed a wonderful, and very relaxing, photoshoot with our friend and client Kristie Dahlia Home and her Yoga/Reiki/Healing arts practice.

You should check out her website below, and if you're based in San Francisco sign in to one of her classes. They're outstanding.

We'll have many more pictures soon, but for now we wanted to share one of our favorites below. Hope you enjoy.

New Portfolio Section

We've been hard at work at re-organizing and categorizing our photos over the past recent years, and we're happy to share that we just created a new portfolio section with just our favorites.

It's always hard to pick our own personal favorites, and so the standard disclaimer is that if you look again at this page in a few weeks it might be slightly different. We'll keep this page as simple as possible, with as few images as possible. It's quality over quantity. And of course all the other galleries are still accessible if you want to look at other stuff we've been photographing.

Until then, head out to our portfolio page and let us know what you think! And remember, we're just an email away if you want photos taken.


We just delivered all the photos for Carmen, the amazing flutist we did a photoshoot of a few weeks back. The photos were so good it took longer than expected to choose the final picks, but our client couldn't be happier. We'll be posting some of them on out Photoshoot page, but make sure you check our Testimonials page to read what she said about working with Sutro Studios, and contact us for a quote or any questions! carmen_final-2