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We are proud to announce that we are now offering a series of small, private, one-to-one workshops in our studios in Oakland. With over fifteen years of professional industry experience, and many credits in films, shorts, and published photographs, one of our favorite things to do is still to share everything we learn to other people. To you.

We've taught and mentored for many years at all kinds of places and countries, and now we're happy to go live with our online booking system to make it easy for you to choose a private workshop time with us.

Want to learn photography basics? Always wanted to venture into Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos, but always felt overwhelmed by the interface? How about editing those great videos you have collected over the years, and know nothing of what to do with them? Or color, how can you train your eye to see things in a different way, bringing your work to the next level?

We want to tailor this experience to you, so every workshop is different. When you sign up for a session, we'll email you asking about your goals and what you'd like to concentrate on. And anytime you sign for another workshop we'll make sure we keep teaching you more advanced skills allowing you to grow at your own pace.

It's not a class environment. This is a private and comfortable place to make sure you get the best tuition possible out of the class.

Let us know if you have any questions, but check out the page below for the latest info on current offered classes. There's always new classes to be offered, so sign up to our newsletter too for the latest and greatest!

Current Workshops

Karma Color

We can finally share the two videos we graded for Kyle Ranson-Walsh in New York City. We love everything about these two commercials, and the product itself. They were all filmed and produced in NYC, and the plates were transferred to us for final grading. You can read more about Karma in the following TechCrunch article or their website:


Karma Website:

We did all the color grading for these using our suite and DaVinci Resolve. If you want us to work on your videos for grading, please don't hesitate to send us a quick hello! We would LOVE to work with you.

Check out the videos below, and THANK YOU to Kyle for hiring us for this. We can't wait to work with him again.

Grading Commercials

We just completed color grading a couple of commercials produced by Kyle Ranson-Walsh ( in NYC. Using Dropbox for transferring files, and Google Hangouts for note sessions, this was a perfect little exercise in one of our biggest passions: color.

We won't mention the client quite yet, so stay tuned for an update, but until then have a look at the screenshots below to get a feel for how important color grading is in video/film.

Do you have a project you need to color grade? Let us know!

Before grading the picture is pretty flat, you don't know where to look, and overall looks dull and lifeless.

After grading you know where to look. In this case, the brightest value of skin tones is with our main character working on his laptop to the left. Color values are balanced, highlights and low values as well in tune with the rest of the commercial, and skin tones are appealing.