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The most innovative Portuguese working abroad

The weekly Portuguese news magazine Sábado just published a new edition with a cover article about the most innovative Portuguese who are currently working abroad. They chose five people to talk about their careers and how they are finding success, and failure, while taking risks and moving forward in their respective fields.

Sutro Studios got a mention through Afonso Salcedo, one of the five people mentioned in the article. Congratulations to everyone involved, and all the other people chosen for the article.

You can read the whole thing below by clicking on the thumbnails (Portuguese language only).



Visao, the weekly news magazine in Portugal (similar to NewsWeek in the US), just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special edition released today March 21st, with several articles on successful Portuguese people around the world. There's an insane amount of talent coming from Portugal as you can see through the pages of the magazine. We were fortunate enough to get a blurb in it, about some of the projects we are currently planning that hopefully will include Portugal in some way or another, and Afonso Salcedo being considered one of the top high-tech cinema gurus.

Thanks for the love!




We made a national TV appearance in Portugal, during our recent trip there and Afonso Salcedo's talk at IST. The interview is in Portuguese and just recently aired on TVI, one of the main broadcasters there. Check it out and you'll see a brief appearance of our website and our quest for ideas for producing a feature film in Portugal, or about Portugal. Let's make it happen!

Imperial College

A few months ago Imperial College (London, UK) interviewed Afonso Salcedo about his life, career and goals. Afonso graduated from a Msc in Computing back in 2001/2002, while he was still living in London.  

You can see an excerpt from the interview here, or read the full text following this link.