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We're not all about film and video production if you have seen our work over the past few years. We also love photography, and recently we did a short hike up Mt. Tam State Park in San Francisco to study some mushrooms growing in the wild and watch the sunrise over the San Francisco Bay.

Shot on iPhone X

There's nothing short of inspiring than walking at night up a mountain and stop to see the slow sunrise over the city.

Shot on our A7Rii and a 90mm lens

We don't go foraging that often, but we were happy to have someone in our group who understood the different subtleties in mushroom varieties, and it was incredible to photograph up close some of these amazing creations of nature.

Macro shot with our 90mm macro lens and the A7Rii

Macro shot with our 90mm macro lens and the A7Rii

The intricate details of each mushroom are a wonder to behold and photograph to say the least. Notice how all the different details, color and shape, emerge so organically from these little beings.

A7Rii and 90mm Macro

A7Rii and 90mm Macro

As usual, feel free to check out Afonso's 500px profile or Photoshelter for more photo stories, or to buy any of these prints.

And yes, we even do corporate headshots, so it's not only mushrooms all the time...

Borel Fashion

We are very lucky to meet some oustanding creative talent over the past three years, since we started providing our video and photo services. One of our most recent ventures veered towards more creative fashion videos and photography, with the amazing people behind the San Francisco based House of Borel.

They approached us at the end of 2015 to start working on their new video for the website relaunch. With an amazing team of other creatives, styling by Charlotte Welch, creative direction by Natalie Crane, hair and makeup by the oustanding David Reposar, and original music scoring by Tommy Sunderland.

Check the video out through our YouTube channel, or visit the website to see it in its natural habitat. For more information on the music, please visit

And as usual, send us a message. Say hi. We love hearing from everyone.

Rent our Gear

What better way to start a New Year than organizing our side of things to be able to share the love? So here we are, and we're happy to announce that we are now putting (a lot) of our gear available for rent.

We promise to give you great prices, but since we're just another small business in the Bay Area, we also require you to have proof of insurance to make sure any damage to our gear will be covered by you.

We don't ship our products. Our main office is located in Oakland, CA, and you can pick it up and deliver it here. But. We're awesome. We're hard creative workers like yourself, and we promise you'll love all our items as much as we do.

And what better way to help you get creative in 2016?

So go ahead. Check out what we currently have (new items added often), fill out the form with more details about your needs, and we'll live happily ever after!


Frame grab from our insanely great Sony FS7 camera, filmed on location in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Frame grab from our insanely great Sony FS7 camera, filmed on location in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.


One of our favorite things is the pre-production stage where we go to all these potential locations to do some photo/film tests, play with angles, with colors, and test some ideas for upcoming shoots.

It's the blank canvas before you start your first brushstroke.

We recently spent a few hours at the St. Regis in San Francisco, to test some ideas out for a potential upcoming fashion film shoot in December.

Szabo Shoot

Back in November we started filming a short documentary video for online distribution about local artist and sculptor Michael Szabo. It's still an on-going project, and one that we're very excited about.

It's been incredibly inspiring to see Michael and his team work tirelessly in their warehouse in San Francisco, and capturing some great cinematic shots while they build stunning new art.

This project will keep on going over the next two or three months, so we can't share much until then, but for now, check out the two following screen captures from our most recent shoot.

Stay tuned for more...

The Velvet Underground

We are proud to share with you our submission to The Velvet Underground's music video competition for "After Hours", their infamous 1969 song by Moe Tucker, written by Lou Reed.

It's always been one of our favorite songs, so we love that and The Velvet Underground partnered up in this online competition. There's some amazing talent out there, so check out the other videos too.

Watch our video below, or on by clicking here.

Anaheim Solar

We recently completed a video using one of our drones to capture stunning footage of the brand new Anaheim Convention Center solar array installation on their rooftop.

This video was used during the inauguration event for the solar array at the Convention Center a few days after.

Aerial footage of the 2.4 MW roof-mounted solar PV system on top of Exhibit Halls A, B and C and the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California. At time of completion, the project was the largest city-owned, convention center, roof-mounted PV system in North America. The $5.7 million project covered 300,000+ square feet of space and is owned and managed by the Anaheim Public Utilities and was completed in August of 2014. 

Thank you for another great collaboration with Borrego Solar!

On Yoga

We just completed a wonderful, and very relaxing, photoshoot with our friend and client Kristie Dahlia Home and her Yoga/Reiki/Healing arts practice.

You should check out her website below, and if you're based in San Francisco sign in to one of her classes. They're outstanding.

We'll have many more pictures soon, but for now we wanted to share one of our favorites below. Hope you enjoy.

Off The Grid and Google

We just spent a great day at Google HQ in Mountain View, filming a series of interviews, b-roll, and more, to document and showcase the outstanding support Google provides small businesses such as food trucks to grow, enhance, and enrich their customers through their amazing food.

Can't wait to share more details, but for now...

Outside the Google campus in Mountain View, CA

Outside the Google campus in Mountain View, CA