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We recently partnered up with our friends at Oct28 Productions to create another micro-documentary look at a new solar array installation at the Pacific Ethanol plant in Madera, CA.

Borrego Solar reached out to us to create another one of our engaging stories, and as usual we couldn’t have been more excited to jump immediately on this. With stunning production work by Scott Mason and his team, all the footage was promptly sent to Sutro where Afonso Salcedo took the helm editing and color grading the video.

Check out the video below, and learn more about why renewable energy resources are more important than ever.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially the team at Borrego Solar who we love working with in our already multi-year creative partnership.

Land Owners

We just completed another exciting creative video production partnership with our friends in New York at Oct28 Productions.

Their amazing team filmed and captured interviews and aerial footage for us to edit a video for Borrego Solar, showcasing the benefits for land owners to consider Borrego's energy sustainability solutions.

With a fast turnaround, we couldn't be prouder of sharing this video now and look forward to many more creative solutions soon.


We recently completed an incredible project, after an intense four day shoot with Allianz Global Investors and Spectrecom Films in the UK.

Assisting the Director and DP in capturing all necessary footage on location, we were also responsible to fill all necessary drone aerials since we're experienced and licensed cinematographers and drone pilots by the FAA.

The footage was stunning, and some of the most beautiful cotton farms we have ever visited. Take a look at the project below, and we couldn't be prouder of this collaboration with our friends in the UK.

Cotton Drone

As part of our most recent shoot with Allianz and Spectrecom Films in London, we wanted to share some of our favorite shots we filmed with our Inspire 2 for this commercial shoot.

Take a look at the video below, all filmed with the DJI Inspire 2 and either the 15mm or 42mm Olympus lessens, for some incredibly cinematic results.

The weather was really windy, so you can definitely see some drifting, but these are also not the final shots to be used in the commercial. Stay tuned!


We just completed a week-long film shoot with our friends from Spectrecom Films in London, UK, and Allianz Global Investors.

Allianz hired Spectrecom to create a commercial film for one of their most recent projects, and Spectrecom chose us to help them out with the shoot in cinematography, logistics and aerial/drone captures.

We had an amazing shoot, using the C300mk2 as the main camera, some great lighting supplies by Kinoflo and Litepanels, our very own Inspire 2 for aerial shots, and a lot of other gear.

Check out the shoot photos below taken by the ever-useful iPhone X. The video will be completed and launched by the end of the year, so stay tuned here for updates.


We're back at THU (Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn) for the 5th edition of this arts festival that encompasses the industries of film, video games, animation and traditional arts.

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn takes place in Troia, Portugal.

It's one of the most inspiring week-long artistic adventures we've ever participated in and we couldn't be happier to be back and reconnect with some of the best talent in the world. This year, about 1,000 people will descend into this tiny paradise of a location near Lisbon, and over 70 countries are represented.

Sunrise over Troia, Portugal.

As part of the advisory board team, we will also do some Instagram takeovers throughout the week, and a few other surprises, so stay tuned!

The hallways of the Troia Design Hotel are ready for the hundreds of artists participating in the event.

For more information, visit the official website:

Real Estate

We recently Brough our FAA-licensed drone, motion graphics know-how and production expertise to create this video for Branagh Realty, a high-end real estate companies in the Bay Area.

All filmed on-location in Lafayette, CA, with a seamless blend of animations, maps and aerial footage, including architectural renders, and we couldn't be prouder of our latest partnership with the team behind Branagh Realty.

Take a look below.


We are proud to announce that we are now officially licensed by the FAA to fly our drones for commercial usage.

We bring our cinematography and filmmaking experience to aerial images, between capturing stunning HD/4K footage and high-res photography, so that your content will never look the same again!

Aerial imaging is one of the highest return-on-investment features you can add to your videos and content, providing your viewers with an unforgettable perspective on events or locations. We can't stress highly enough how this will add value to your videos, and we are happy to be able to finally bring our high-end cinematic quality to aerial imaging as well.

Check out our full ad below, and hit us up for a quote!


We recently completed another video project documenting an incredible customer success story for Borrego Solar, and their new Gore Mountain solar array installation in the state of New York.

With our creative partners in New York, and an incredible team even filming down a mountain while skiing, all footage was acquired on location and sent via hard drive to our main studio in the Bay Area for post-production.

With our FAA-licensed drone operations we are also now able to capture stunning aerial footage of the site, which is essential for solar arrays and other similar projects.

We couldn't be prouder of the work done by our New York team, and this great partnership with Borrego which continues to be an enormous success!


We are proud to announce that we recently completed a major project for our clients JAM.

JAM is an e-learning company devoted to provide a safe online environment for kids to learn creativity: from drawing classes, to lego building and Minecraft, they hire experts in the field to mentor a class on a specific theme.

It's been a tremendous success with kids all over the world, and earlier this year we were hired to help them out creating a comprehensive realistic drawing class for JAM. The course would teach kids with zero experience or skills in illustration, how to be able to draw realistically people, pets, and more. It's a huge undertaking as you can imagine, but after four intense months the whole course was ready to be delivered.

One of the first shoot days at the office with the JAM team. Afonso Salcedo (front), Chalon Bridges (left), Hieu Nguyen (middle), Kelsey Holtaway (right). 

One of the first shoot days at the office with the JAM team. Afonso Salcedo (front), Chalon Bridges (left), Hieu Nguyen (middle), Kelsey Holtaway (right). 

We worked closely with JAM to design a course that would flow nicely throughout the whole program, as kids progress to more complex chapters. We directed and produced a 12-day shoot, with a mentor that JAM flew from Australia.

Since the complexity of drawing something realistically is tremendous, we knew we had to simplify the capturing of the footage as much as possible, so that we could save on production time and number of takes. It's not easy to redraw the same drawing multiple times, to cut together in post-production, so we decided to build a camera rig covering four different angles, including a mirror on top of our talent so that we would have extra coverage if needed.

This meant that on average we were able to capture a drawing from beginning to end without resorting to many takes. The four cameras were filming in tandem, allowing us to cut through in post more quickly.

Sound was recorded separately, but already synched with one of the cameras to make it easier to deal with post-production audio editing.

Even though everything is filmed widescreen, the delivery format was square, which presents a lot of issues in composition, visual effects and color grading. We only worked in square format, but as part of our delivery structure we provided all the widescreen footage as well for potential future usage.

After the 12-day shoot, we captured close to 15 TB of footage. 12-days filming many times over ten hours of footage, that somehow had to be compressed and edited into multiple 5-minute chunks.

Even though in the beginning we had estimated we would create about 75 videos, in the end we actually ended up producing 178 videos. Most of these videos were shorter than five minutes in length.

But one of our main goals of creating this class was to really make it easy for kids to visualize what the mentor sees as he is drawing. What is he looking at? How does he see shapes? Or lighting? It's impossible to clearly depict such things with simple video or talking points, so we went ahead and created an extensive amount of visual effects and animations to aid in key learning moments throughout the course.

With 178 videos edited, we ended up creating in After Effects 482 animations that were then composited back into our edited videos, most of these hand-drawn and keyframes to match the flow and gestures of the actual mentor as he draws.

178 videos edited and graded. 482 animations, most of these animated in After Effects.
— Afonso Salcedo

We couldn't be prouder of this achievement. 178 videos filmed, edited and graded with 482 animations all done in four months of production scheduling is pretty mind-boggling.

The course is supposed to be launching soon, and you can find more information at

We couldn't be happier with this collaboration and with the outstanding class we created, and we're ready for the next challenge!

Kelsey Holtaway (left), Hieu Nguyen (middle back), Chalon Bridges (right), Afonso Salcedo (front)

Kelsey Holtaway (left), Hieu Nguyen (middle back), Chalon Bridges (right), Afonso Salcedo (front)


Thank you everyone at JAM for their amazing friendship throughout this whole experience!

Sonic Runway

Last year we were involved with one incredible art installation project for Burning Man, the Sonic Runway.

Recently, its official website was just launched and the Sonic Runway traveled to China where it will be on display as a three-month public installation. We edited this video from footage taken by Burning Man participants, for the official website of Sonic Runway!

Check it out! We couldn't be more excited about seeing the Sonic Runway grow so much.