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So proud to share with you all this micro-documentary we edited and color graded for our friends at Mr. Smith production company, and JFK University.

It was a tremendous amount of work, but we couldn't be more excited for another touching and successful creative collaboration with these guys. Thank you to David Valentin and Daniel Corona for always believing in Sutro.


We recently started helping JAM ( create amazing video content for their inspiring community of curious kids, learning creativity through hands-on projects. It's been an incredible month already working with these guys, and we couldn't be more excited to share this trailer we edited for them.

It was simply scavenging their previously shot footage, a mix of mentor/class shots with children's uploaded photos, to create something that really showcases how excited kids are to be learning through practice.


Our new reel is up and we couldn't be more excited. Check out our latest showcase of some of our favorite work over the past four years!

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We're about to wrap up this week a new story vignette with Mr. Smith. The amazing team of David Valentin and Daniel Corona did all the shoots, but we finished the editing and color grading for the whole piece at Sutro.

Love working with those guys, and coming from Mr. Smith we always know we're getting cinematic looking shots to play with, which is incredibly satisfying in post-production.

The original scoring for the video has been approved, and we'll be wrapping up the whole project this week, and we can't wait to share some more with you.

Until then, hope you enjoy these frame grabs from the video for a sneak peek...


We partner a lot with the talented team at Mr. Smith, a production agency next door to us and we collaborate on a lot of creative projects.

Recently, we had the chance to edit and color grade two short commercials for them, and their client JFK University.

We're very proud of the work, and it stands as a testament of what we are able to do here at Sutro Studios – sometimes full production projects from beginning to end, or sometimes just post-production helping other companies and creatives out.

Need help with a project? Contact us anytime.


One our favorite things to have our office as part of a co-working community of artists and doers in Oakland, CA, is the incredible opportunities for collaboration outside of our own bubble.

Recently, we were lucky to partner with the talented team of Mr. Smith, to work together on creating a small fundraiser video for a non-profit started by a very inspiring young woman, who is doing a toy drive to help other children this holiday season.

Check it out!

We Are The Sun

We started filming and documenting big art efforts last year at Burning Man, and this year we had the pleasure of being part of the incredible build crew for Catacomb of Veils, one of the largest art structures ever built on the Playa.

It was a tremendous experience, that will stay with us forever, and created a new family network of insanely talented artists and friends. We are now happy to share this video we recently completed that shows the crazy amount of effort it takes to bring a project like this to reality.

Hope you enjoy! We are always looking for other amazing projects to help out with at Burning Man, so feel free to reach out to us at any point if you have something brewing in the pipeline.

Color Leap

Another great partnership with the talented creatives at I Am Mr. Smith, a local Bay Area production company, and we at Sutro are doing all their color grading for upcoming video projects.

Continuing on the successful collaboration for the JFK Graduation video earlier this year, we have now completed another color timing session for a video about the LEAP initiative. We'll refrain from going into specifics about the story yet, but since we're so passionate about creating cinematic images in everything we do, we wanted to show you a quick before and after straight from our grading software.

We're still doing some final tweaks to the grading, but it just goes to show how subtle differences in color and lighting can help tell the story in a much more engaging and powerful way.

If you have any questions about our color timing services, please shoot us a message.

Susan Sarandon
And it is a binary world: black and white, beauty and depravity, good and evil, old and new.
— The Creators Project

Our video about latest art collaboration between Michael Garlington, Natalia Bertotti, and Susan Sarandon got a brief mention again in the news.

Vice and The Creators Project wrote a great article about the piece, which will look absolutely stunning as part of an installation in the Miami exhibition at the end of the year.

Check it out, and if you haven't seen the film yet, you can see it here!


Our latest video is a quick introspective showcase of the emptiness of the desert during survey for Catacomb of Veils at Burning Man.

With the use of our Inspire 1 quadcopter, we were able to capture some simple vignettes of the arid landscape during the very start of what will soon become a city of 70,000 people.

The Crew

Typically every year we join a Burning Man project, or two, to help build an art piece, a structure, an experience. Art for art's sake. All volunteer work, purely for the process of building a community, creating a journey and an experience that thousands of people will be able to take part of in the Black Rock City desert.

This year, we're actively working with both Sonic Runway and Catacomb of Veils.

As part of the build crew for both, we've been taking tons of photos and creating film content to tell the stories of the crews, the build, and why we all get together to do something as temporal as this – something that will literally only last one week.

We've been sharing a lot of this work already on this website, but this time around we want to share a more personal story. We edited this wonderful piece together, and we couldn't be prouder of the results. The images were shot by two great crew members from LA, Samuel Steinman and Matthew Goldstein. The film was edited by Afonso Salcedo.

We're starting a series of videos that tells a more personal story of why we get involved in large-scale art projects like this. This is our first one. Let us know what you think.