Laughing at Ourselves

A few weeks ago a video made by a Spanish film school about cinematography went viral in the industry blogs for all the wrong reasons. Basically, for taking itself too seriously and for being over the top pretentious.

What we do as cinematographers, is not rocket science. Yes, it's hard work, yes, it's an insanely laborious and steep ascent, a never-ending learning curve, a constant struggle to meet ends meet, and basically a work of passion. An art form. But it's not brain surgery. It's not saving lives, at least directly. We're making movies. So let's not take ourselves too seriously.

The original film can be seen below, and it's well filmed, it's engaging, but the script is too forced, too contrived, to the point of losing all the meaning and original intent.

Fortunately, thanks to the internets, someone re-did the video with a mock voice-over that makes it pretty much excellent all over again.

At the very least, it's an exercise in how a simple voiceover and a good script can completely change the whole tone and message of the video. Take a look, and learn to laugh at yourself. It's OK. We all let our egos get in the way at some point in our lives, we just need to learn to get back on the ground a bit and move on.