Non-Profits and Viral Videos

We've recently ran into one of the most inspiring and genius viral videos we've seen on the Web. It's incredible. So simple in its execution, yet so powerful in its message. It has everything you want from an effective online video, especially considering it's to market a non-profit that works to save children.

Not much more than a minute long, it has a full story arch, a complete and engaging emotional thread, beautiful cinematography, and a great powerful message. It's a perfect example of how effective you can be in online video to market your campaign. This video in particular is packed with one-second shots, with the illusion that these were constantly filmed by the little girl herself, as a series of one-second selfie vignettes like you would do with the "One Second Every Day" app.

Without saying anything else, have a look. With 31 million views on YouTube, this is an exercise in perfection. I hope one day I'll be able to create something as effective as this. Congrats to everyone involved.