Danielle Feinberg

Google recently launched a pretty outstanding initiative "Made with Code", investing $50 million aimed to getting young women excited to learn to code.

It's incredibly important in today's world. As someone who's been working closely in the tech and creative fields, I've always found that we need more women to join the current demographics of these industries.

At the launch, one of the talks was by Danielle Feinberg, DP (Director of Photography) at Pixar Animation Studios, and someone who has always inspired me, who taught me tremendously during my time there (we worked together on Wall-E), and who I am also lucky to consider as a friend.

She's one of the people I miss most at Pixar, and this talk is not only a perfect testament of how genuine her passion is for filmmaking and computer science, but also the simple message that finding your own voice and not being afraid of following it will take you to places of true happiness.

Take ten minutes and watch this.

Danielle Feinberg inspires girls to follow their own voice.