Sometimes projects come to our attention randomly. Friends of friends of friends that are creating a short, writing a script, filming a movie, or editing a documentary. So many different creative paths, and every single one of them an incredible mountain to climb.

Making your own film is nothing short of a miracle. It takes a ton of courage, it takes a lot of work, the right mix of talent, guts, experience, luck, timing, and people to make it happen. We know this for a fact here at Sutro Studios, where most of our work has been in the corporate or non-profit domains.

For the past year already we've been writing notes and little ideas for what hopefully becomes our first official short film, but these things always take a while to develop and become ready for prime-time. Ever so picky with story elements, and the right feel and flow for a film, we haven't had the guts to dive head first into making our first film yet. It will happen one day, but until then, we keep getting inspired by all the work we stumble upon around us.

And so comes MILES. A while back, I was approached by my friend Oliver Daly who I've known for years, about his idea for a short film. It sounded epic, it sounded incredible, and when I read the script I knew he was into something special.

I was fortunate enough to give some notes throughout production and post, and I couldn't be more excited to share now his project to all of you. I'm incredibly (and insanely) proud of what Oliver and his team accomplished. This little movie is great, beautifully shot, edited, graded, and composited together in the end, and it really breathes a world that I want to see more of.

And I am happy to also share the news that Oliver was signed by WME, who will now package the short for potential transition into a feature film. Amazing. These things don't happen easily, and seeing it come from such a talented guy like Oliver Daly is the most inspiring thing we've seen this week.

Our congrats to the whole team, and please please please go watch the short now, and share it with your friends.

Want to see more? Share with your friends to support the feature length version. For more information visit: MILES is a proof-of-concept short film about blurring the boundaries of humanity and technology, set in the teenage off-roading world of California. To create the short, the filmmakers embedded themselves in authentic dirt bike culture, shooting actual teenage motocross athletes in a documentary style alongside emerging young actors. MILES is the story of a teenage dirt bike rider who stumbles upon M.A.X., an escaped prototype of the most advanced military creation in history. Miles explores M.A.X.’s abilities and the creature quickly develops into something fiercely loyal, intelligent and nearly unstoppable. Soon, he discovers that M.A.X. was developed in absolute secrecy as a remotely controllable beast, engineered to replace American soldiers on the front lines, and kill autonomously. As M.A.X. becomes less conspicuous and as their bond grows stronger, Miles is forced to make decisions that will affect not only his life but also the lives of those closest to him. With the proof-of-concept-short completed, the filmmakers are currently exploring financing options for a feature length version of the project. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @milesmovie Like us on Facebook /themoviemiles