I am a firm believer of following in life what you are really passionate about. You have to find what you love. What makes you scared. What makes you vulnerable. I am fortunate enough to have worked some amazing projects, at some incredible companies and film studios, but I have also worked on some mind-numbingly unforgettable experiences since I quit and started Sutro, from documenting poverty in Haiti, to more recently being involved in one of the most amazing educational efforts for artists worldwide (THU TV).

People with passion have the courage to be themselves with abandon. (...) There’s even sometimes a certain recklessness there, a willingness to throw their imperfect selves out into public view while not really thinking beforehand how people might react.
— David Brooks, New York Times

This article from the New York Times today is a beautifully written essay about the life of passion. To those people who are willing to risk it all to just do what they love.

It's an unforgettable feeling.